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Breast Lift in Kundapura

Women who are facing the problem of underdeveloped breasts can take breast lift surgery. There are many cosmetic surgical processes to solve the problem of underdeveloped breasts in women, this is one of these processes. The development of breasts takes place at the age of puberty in girls. Due to some reasons if the breasts remain underdeveloped, the problem can be solved with the cosmetic surgical procedures. Medically, this surgical procedure is clap called mastopexy. Flaunt Hair Transplant is the best clinic for breast lift surgery in Kundapura.

In the breast lifting procedure, the doctor removes the extra skin from your breasts and lifts you nipple up. The main focus of the surgery is to reshape the breasts. We have the best mastopexy surgeon in Kundapura. He has done lots of breasts implants and breast lifting surgeries. You need not worry about any type of complications during and after the completion of the surgery.

The recovery time of mastopexy surgery is from 6 to 12 weeks. Talking about breast lift cost, we offer all the surgeries at the most affordable prices.