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Face Rejuvenation in Kundapura

Face skin rejuvenation is another cosmetic surgery which is done to hide all the signs of ageing. This treatment is also known as facelift. The cosmetic treatment got its name facelift because it involves the procedure of tightening and lifting sagging skin of face and neck. Flaunt Hair Transplant is the best clinic for hair transplantation and face rejuvenation treatment in Kundapura. For the persons who are afraid of surgery and are not fit for surgical procedures, we bring the non surgical face rejuvenation treatment.

In this skin rejuvenation treatment, the doctor first gives anaesthesia to the patient. After that he starts the surgery. He marks incisions on the earlobe and pulls the skin upwards. This helps decrease the signs of ageing like wrinkles. Talking about the face skin rejuvenation cost, we offer this surgery at the most affordable price. We never take the wrong amount from the patients. We value their hard earned money.

Also, we work with great transparency. There is no hidden charge at our clinic. These things make us the best clinic for the face rejuvenation treatment in Kundapura.