Male Breast Enlargement: Causes and Treatment

The male breast enlargement is medically known as gynecomastia. It is a medical condition which results in the enlargement of breasts in human males. Gynecomastia can affect one or both the breasts of males. Treatment is available for this medical condition. Cosmetic surgery is the process by which this problem can be cured. Flaunt Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Center is a well-known clinic for male breast reduction surgery in Mangalore.

Causes of Male Breast Enlargement

#1. Hormonal Imbalance

This problem is caused by hormonal imbalance. The hormones of both males and females are different. Testosterone is male estrogen is female hormone. The condition generally starts at the age of puberty in boys. Males have a higher level of testosterone than estrogen and the reverse is true for human females. Due to hormonal imbalance, when the level of estrogen increases in males, they face the problem of breast enlargement. Besides this, gynecomastia can also occur in infants or at the age of 50 and more than 50.

#2. Medications

Gynecomastia can also occur due to certain medications. We are listing here some of these medications that can cause gynecomastia in males:

#3. Certain Drugs and Alcohol

Treatment of Gynecomastia

Usually, the condition goes away by itself for teenagers after 2 to 3 years. During this period, you can apply ice to lessen the pain. If you are at the age of 50 or more, you need medical attention to cure the problem. For teenagers, if the condition doesn’t go by itself, it is better to see a doctor. Cosmetic surgery helps cure the problem permanently. Surgery helps restore the original shape of your chest, hence, helps improve your body image. The male breast reduction surgery and liposuction are the surgical methods by which gynecomastia is treated.

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