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Tummy Tuck in Hassan

The surgery is done to make the abdomen of a person thinner. In this surgery, the doctor or surgeon removes the excess of fat and skin from the abdomen to make it firm and thin. Flaunt Hair Transplant is the best clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Hassan. The patients who are facing the problem of hanging belly can consult us. We will solve your problem. We have an experienced team of dermatologists and surgeons who have done thousands of successive surgeries. Abdominoplasty surgery is the medical name of this surgery.

Tummy Tuck Procedure and Recovery

The first step is the anaesthesia. Without anaesthesia, this surgery cannot be started. Which type of anaesthesia is to be given to a patient is decided by the anaesthesiologist. The doctor makes incisions on the belly and removes excess fat. The removal of fat from the belly of the patient makes it thin and firm. This is the procedure of abdominoplasty surgery. There are different types of abdominoplasty surgeries. Your doctor decides which type of abdominoplasty surgery is suitable for you. Talking about the tummy tuck recovery time, it will take up to 6 weeks to recover from the surgery completely. Meanwhile you have to visit the doctor’s clinic for medical checks. The doctor checks for any complications.

Please follow all the instructions given by your doctor, failing on which may result in the infection. Coming to the tummy tuck surgery cost, we offer this surgery at an affordable price. We are the best clinic for tummy tuck surgery in Hassan.