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Nose correction (Rhinoplasty) in Karnataka

Rhinoplasty is another name of nose correction surgery. Besides this, the surgery is also called nose job. This surgery is done to correct the structure of the damaged nose. The damage in the nose can take place due to an accident or any other reasons. Flaunt Hair Transplant is one of the leading clinics for nose correction surgery in Karnataka. We have done thousands of successful nose reshaping surgeries and each of the surgeries we have brought the best results. That’s why today, we have become the first choice for our patients for cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

If you are wondering about the procedure of rhinoplasty surgery, let us explain what is done in this surgical process. As you visit our clinic for a nose correction surgical process, you will be attended by the best rhinoplasty surgeon at our clinic. He will explain to you all the things about nose reshaping operation. First of all, you will be given a local anesthesia. This is given to all the patients who undergo this surgery. After this, the doctor starts the surgery.

He makes incisions at the base of the nose and starts the process to correct the nose structure. Contact us for the best nose correction surgery in Karnataka.

Nose Surgery Cost

The cost of nose surgery is different at different clinics. Actually, the cost of all the surgeries is not the same at different clinics. There are many factors that are responsible for defining the cost of nose surgery. However, we offer the nose surgery at an affordable price.