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Fat Grafting in Kerala

As we grow old, many different signs of ageing develop on our face. Some of these include the development of wrinkles, facial volume lost, etc. These signs of ageing tell about how old a person is. These signs also decrease the appearance of the people. Therefore, many people want to get rid of these signs of ageing. Is there any way to hide these signs of ageing? Yes, fat grafting is the cosmetic surgical procedure which helps you get rid of these signs of ageing. Flaunt Hair transplant offers the best fat grafting in Kerala.

How fat transfer to face is done? In this fat injections surgical procedure, the fat is taken from another part of the patient and is transferred to the face of the patient. The patients are advised to follow all the instructions given to them by their surgeon. This is because any type of mismanagement in following the post-surgical instructions may lead to the development of infection in the treated body part.

Fat Grafting Face Cost

We have a high success rate. You can view the testimonials at our website to know what the patients say about us. We are the best clinic for facial fat grafting in Kerala. Talking about the fat grafting face cost, we have affordable prices for each surgery.